Here is my short video introduction

Welcome to my channel.  This first video is a very short (elevator pitch) introduction to who I am.

This is a short video about Medical Intuition

This is a short video about being a medical intuitive (medical medium) readings and how I perform them.

This is a short introduction to my Heart Clearing therapy

Heart Clearing is one of the main tools I use to help people release old wounds in the heart so they can feel more present today. This technique has been developing over 10 years.

This short video is about my Concussion Healing modality

Energy Neuroplasticity is a method I have trademarked for healing concussions, brain injury, headaches, ADHD, Learning disabilities and much more.

These are a few of our natural healing tools.

The Pineal gland is the minds “eye” and helps our spiritual focus and awareness.  Kundalini energy of the spine helps us hold our power. Soul activation connects us to our powerful higher self.  The immune system is controlled by our thymus gland.

Understanding energy resonance and reflection 

How I’ve learned to maintain my own energetic joy while in mixed negative company.  Here is a simple technique in helping you survive too.

Sometimes being over-giving is a form of Self denial.

Certain disease relate strongly to imbalance between giving too much and not giving enough for ourselves.  This is especially true of organs in the solar plexus such as the pancreas. 

Dealing with Energy Manipulators can be difficult.

Never drop your energy to vibrate with lower energy people.  It’s ok to have neutrality or raise their energy vibrations to match yours.