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Four Different types of Healing Sessions to choose from

Each are designed for a different purpose. This helps people narrow down the session they prefer to purchase.  Most people book an Integrated session for their first visit.  The length of time (90min-2 Hours) depends on many factors.  Contact Orion to discuss the length of session to choose from.

Integrated Sessions

This is the most common session that allows multiple modalities to be used such as Heart Clearing, Trance Channeling, Medical Intuitive Readings Etc.


Energy Healing encompasses Modern Reiki and other energy focused based therapies in person or online though Apps or a phone calls 

Spiritual Mentorship

Many people want to train and refine their spiritual abilities and knowledge with one on one sessions.  There are so many ways to add to your spiritual toolbelt.

Concussion Healing

Energy Neuroplasticity is a a unique modality to heal concussions and other brain disorders such as ADHD, Brain Fog, Learning Disabilities and more. 

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