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Integrated Healing Sessions allow me to choose the best combination of healing modalities to help you. There are so many ways to approach a healing session that it usually requires a few minutes of discussion to determine the best course for you.

Integrated Healing Sessions

One of the most exciting parts of an Integrated Healing Session is the beginning process where we set goals to accomplish. Sometimes people come in with an exact need such as a chronic pain, emotional triggers, or symptoms of mental strain. From this discussion I will generally find out how a client is primarily wired. Left brain analytical, right brain creative, frontal brain strategic, hind brain physical, or limbic brain emotional. Each type of person responds differently to specific modalities. Physical people respond to physical touch such as holding an actual body part requiring healing as an example. In truth we are all a unique mix of these things which is why it does take a bit of time to determine the best course of action. Also, some people respond better to some types of healing techniques and not others. If someone does not believe in a Higher self or soul, introducing them to their soul might be a waste of time.

The one area of healing that I try to encourage people to try is a Heart Clearing. This is a technique that I have developed over the years helping many people heal from all sorts of previous trauma. This is especially useful in clearing out chronic pain that stems from compartmentalized emotional trauma. These is an old proverb that states that “all of the true issues show up in the joints.”  After a heart clearing session, we can direct the healing process by using the thymus gland to cause a significant change in a person’s general health.  This is especially true of “incurable’ diseases.

Reiki is a basic ancient Japanese healing modality that can be useful, but over the years it has morphed significantly from the basic Usui silent treatment. Over the last 200 years, our knowledge about our energetic design has changed drastically from the idea of 7 major chakra points. We are now aware of our soul size and shape. We understand that our Merkabahs have an energetic structure that links our soul energy to our physical body. we also understand that our innate body wisdom is a singular consciousness created by harmony of the cellular DNA. This body-mind is extremely powerful so it requires the combined effort of the healer and the client to adjust it to the proper functionality. This is why after a standard Reiki treatment that the same issues return. The client must be consciously involved in the healing process to make long lasting changes.

Although I am BodyTalk practitioner, I do not often use the standard BodyTalk techniques to heal issues. Rather, I use specific adjustments from BodyTalk as they are needed. BodyTalk quickly led me to become a Medical Intuitive (medical medium). This is either done in a lucid waking state, or in a deep Trance Channeling mode. It depends on the specifics of the session. Medical Intuitive readings are done when someone has unusual symptoms that Western doctors have no clue how to treat.  

Although I primarily channel my higher self for medical intuitive readings, I can also channel for people who are looking for specific guidance in their life. I jokingly call my higher self “Boomer” because of the intensity of his energy. This is usually a very light-hearted discussion because Boomer usually injects some humor and bad puns into the session.

It is rare that I do an integrated without sending people away with useful energetic tools. If people are interested in healing themselves by themself, I can direct a session towards that goal. To that point, I work with a lot of young sensitive people who are trying to develop their spiritual awareness.

To this date, I have worked with celebrity athletes, musicians, artists, healers, doctors, and leaders of many industries.  I look forward to working with you too.

Session Pricing

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90 Min Session $226

This is the most common first Session for both reading (Psychic or Medical Intuitive) and healing (Energy Healing or Heart Clearing). This is good for general issues which need clarification and change.

2 Hour Session $294

The longer session is needed for deep emotional scars, wounds, or if people desire longer conversations and clarification. Sometimes working on chronic issues and diseases also requires a longer session. 

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Integrated Healing Sessions with Orion