Energy Healing Modalities

All Matter in the universe is made up of microscopic electrically charged particles

We now know that when observed, photons (light rays) shift from a wave to a particle. similarly, we can use our consciousness to effect the balance of energy in the physical body.

Energy Healing

The most common energy therapy today called Reiki. Reiki is a 200 year old Japanese silent practice that is taught all over the world. After receiving my Reiki Master certification I started to explore different ways to perform it. Instead of channeling energy from etherical realms, I started channeling energy from their own soul. This was a very effective adaption but I would also be shown many things that I would relate to people to improve their energy balance. This quickly combined with medical intuitive readings to become “Modern Reiki.” Since traditional Usui Reiki is silent, this version is the combined focus of myself and the client. The reason why modern Reiki is superior the Usui Reiki is that we heal best when we are involved with out own healing process. Chronic pain is often associated with compartmentalized trauma.  This is often released when we bring trauma back the the heart for healing.

Before my training in Reiki, my martial art training brought me understanding Chi Kung energy. This “Chi” energy is the same as the Japanese “Ki” in Reiki. Chi-Kung is literally internal kung-fu. Chi-Kung is a series of physical movements and breath work to revitalize our internal organs with energy.

Over the years, Chi-Kung and Reiki have also combined together in my practice because they are different uses of the same energy.

Energy Therapy

Energy healing as a therapy is a combination of things. This can be done on my table, or online. Location does not matter because energy and focus transcends space and time.  We can work on any issue together and bring you back to your new balance.

Session Pricing

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60 Min Session $147

The simple 60 minute session is for a basic healing session with Modern Reiki, Shamanism, or General Energy Healing.

90 Min Session $226

The 90 Min Session is a 60 minute session combined with a spiritual consultation and discussion afterwards.

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